Monday, 7 January 2008

It has been a while since i last posted anything in here but i have been so busy with the bear.
I hope you all had a great christmas and i wish you all a happy new year.
The pictures above are of my christmas present from my lovely hubby which i did get a little early and i hang my head in shame it has take me this long to post a picture of him. My new parrot is called Buddy and he is oh so cheeky and a very funny bird as you can see from one of the pictures, he is an Orange winged Amazon.

I have just updated my website and have added a few new bears of which you can see pictures of on my last post.
I am really excited to tell you all that i will have an artist profile in next months Teddy bear club international Magazine (Feb issue on sale in Jan)


Bumpkin Hill said...

aww Buddy looks like a wonderful new friend :) Bear Hugs, Catherine x

Japhes Bears said...

Awwww Buddy is gorgeous and looks so very cheeky. I have always wanted a parrot but dont think I will ever get one. I had to make do with a little chicken she lived in the house with us and used to perch on my shoulder we used to joke she was a poor mans parrot.

Vicki said...

Thankyou Catherine x
Buddy is getting a very cheeky boy and is really getting used to us.

Aww Japhe that is so cute, i would of loved to have seen your little chicken.