Monday, 25 June 2007


Pip is another of my bears with his tiny wacky hat, he is just 2.5" standing and 2" sitting. He is made from long pile vintage upholstery fabric's in rust and gold. His face is scissor and needle sculpted as are all my bears.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Emerald Edd

Emerald Edd just love's his wacky knitted hat, he is 3.25" and is make from green vintage upholstery fabric which is just wonderful to work with. I got this vintage upholstery fabric along with some other piece's the other day and just had to start on it straight away.

Monday, 11 June 2007


I said in my last post that i was working on something a little different and here he is. This is Danny and he is just over 3" and is made from a long pile fabric in dark brown and a light brown upholstery fabric.Danny is fully cotter pin jointed and i have needle and scissor sculpted his tiny face.
It was such a change making Danny and i am so happy with the way he turned out.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


I have just put Perla on my website, she is made of a light brown fur fabric with a lighter brown muzzle. She has a needle sculpted and scissor sculpted face as all my bears have, i have also wired her tiny arms.
I am now working on something that will be very different for me, watch this space........

Monday, 4 June 2007


This is Joshua who is 3" and is made from lovely long pile fabric's in a dark brown and a light brown, he has light brown ultra suede foot pads with pulled toes. I have added some shading to his face and toes, i have also scissor and needle sculpted his tiny face. His eyes are black onyx beads and i have accented them with a white stitch.

He is fully cotter pin jointed and is filled with polyester and Steel shot for added weight, His arms are also wired and can be posed in different ways. I really had lots of fun making this little one and this was the first time i had wired my bears arms which i think i will be doing more of.