Friday, 7 August 2009

So sorry

I am so sorry i havent been writing on here, i have been so busy and also have my kids off school at the moment for the 6 week holidays.
I have been making a few new bears(Pictured) ready for the Nottingham bear fair which is on August the 31st
Then i will be going to Hugglets on the 13th September

I have also been making some more Annie dolls (Pictured) which i will be taking to the Nottingham bear fair.

Right i had better try and get some more sewing done, i will post some pictures when i have done them
Lots of hugs to all
Vicki xx


Peris Welt said...

Oh Vicki, your Annies are soooo sweet and also your bears are too cute!!! I really love them.
Good luck for Nottingham and Hugglets!

Best wishes

Vicki said...

Hiya Peris
Thank you hun, i am so glad you like my Annies and my new bears.
Thank you for popping by my blog

Vicki xx

Valerie said...

Vicki, the lastest bears are really cute. So are your Annies. Have fun at the Nottingham Bear fair.

Vicki said...

Hiya Valerie
Thank you so much
Hope you are well
Vicki xx