Monday, 23 June 2008


This is Alice who is a tad over 3.5". She comes with her little friend (Made by me) who is just over 1.5".
Alice is now on ebay


All Bear said...

1.5"?????? OMG Vicki ... how??????!!!!

Adorable pair by the way!

Vicki said...

Lol i ask myself that too Paula, i can't tell you how many time's i was ready to throw the little bear across the room hehe But i must say i really enjoyed making him, i have just finished another one and can't wait to make more.
Thankyou so much for commenting Paula XX

MiniBear said...

Just one word...WONDERFUL!
I love the faintly quizzical look your bears have...perfect!
Anji in Stockport

Vicki said...

Hi Anji,
Thankyou for stopping by and having a look at my blog. Thankyou also for the lovely comment.

Vicki xx